Darling Dash is a creative agency,

The agency delivers broader creative marketing and digital solutions for our clients and develops our own IP In-House.

We have produced and delivered a range of creative solutions ranging from iPhone Applications, Websites, Promo Videos and Social Media campaigns. Our work is focused in the digital space.

Our approach to production is simple and effective. We create ideas to solve your business and marketing needs and deliver the job on time and on budget. Our creative impetus is inspired by engagement, scalability and results. We like ideas that are bigger than campaigns.

With years of experience in commercial advertising, marketing and technology delivery we appreciate the importance of client relationships and communication. We build quality connections with our clients and put project management top of our list when working with any team or individual.

Darling Dash is more specialist team than high street store. Our business model allows us to make the most effective use of your budget: we find this suits the way we work and the clients we work with. Our principles ensure your budget is only ever spent on your project and not other people’s lunches.

We like to exist in the 21st Century.



Darling Dash has designed apps since 2011

We'd love to hear from you and help you to bring your idea to life.

Darling Dash can advise and work with you on:

  • Defining Scope & Budget
  • User Stories and UCD Approach 
  • UI Design and brand developement 
  • Wireframing and navigation map
  • Leading and launching product




DARLING DASH develops and produces viral concepts.

Viral campaigns allow us to think outside the traditional forms of advertising and can be hugely effective when they’re done in the right way.

We’ve worked on viral campaigns with a variety of brands and we’re versed in the science and strategy behind the end product. 

The chance to develop viral campaigns and deliver solutions to our clients outside of the ‘normal' boxes is a big inspiration to us. Brands need to exist through experience.

  • Digital
  • Branded / Un-branded
  • Social
  • Interactive
  • Ambient
  • Mobile

We can develop viral add-ons to compliment and work alongside an existing campaign you may be running.

Give us a call or send an email and we'll work out what's best for you: hello at darlingdash.com



darling dash

Darling Dash is a creative agency.

We answer challenges with broader creative solutions.

Our focus is on collaboration and producing ideas bigger than campaigns.

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Client: Jagger
Event: Product Launch
Idea: A Walrus from space

 A Walrus from space. Coming soon to the App Store.

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Client: Fourpio
Event: Product Launch
Idea: Four people. One team.

The 'Fourpio' project is currently on hold due to commitments on other proejcts.

You can read a bit more about Fourpio here on Medium 



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Client: Cupple
Event: Web & Mobile Application
Idea: Cupple

On the 31st January 2013, Cupple was acquired by YC Alumni, Tenthbit Inc, based in San Francisco. Read the full story here

Darling Dash started developing our newest creation in Spring 2011. Born from a desire to make something lots of people can use, the blueprint for Cupple is both romantic and ambitious. 

Cupple is a private sharing mobile app designed specifically for two people in a relationship.

Once you’ve downloaded the App it’s free to use and you and your partner can start ‘Sharing’ using the application together in complete privacy. Tag your location, take a photo and leave a message. Your memories are posted into the ‘Feed’ that you share and view together. It’s all about sharing.

Cupple is the fun and exciting way for two people to stay in touch when they’re apart; sharing the space between.

Visit the website at www.cupple.mobi

Read more about the journey on the blog at cupple.tumblr.com/

Cupple Ltd is a registered UK company / Company Number: 07813684

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Client: Tiny Lights
Event: Mobile RPG for iPhone
Idea: Tiny Lights

Tiny Lights is an exciting new role playing game for kids or the big kid in you, exclusive for iPhone & iPod Touch and you can download it today.

Tiny Lights takes place in a world that has been taken over by darkness. Players control a group of Tiny Lights - Social, Mystic, Brave, Link and Alpha - and must venture forth to the Dark Forest to rescue the Pillar of Power that has been stolen by the Light Eaters.

On their journey through Dark Forest, players encounter other Tiny Lights that help them collect coins, save Sparks, and dispatch Light Eaters. Each Tiny Light has its own unique special ability to help players quest to solve the game's intriguing puzzles.

Tiny Lights explores core values of friendship, bravery, wisdom, connection and leadership in a game where the atmosphere is ambient, and at times hypnotic, as the world of Tiny Lights unfolds before players' eyes.

The concept for TIny Lights was created and designed by Darling Dash.

Download the game here bit.ly/TinyLights

More information can be found at our Facebook Page on.fb.me/tinylights


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Client: Pitch N Toss
Event: App Store New Release
Idea: Pitch 'N' Toss iPad App

The game, available exclusively for iPad, features 40 exciting stages, four beautifully diverse levels and an addictive versus mode for game play with up to four friends.

The simplicity of the game is enhanced with a variety of fun objects including bounce-pads, canons, flippers and even turning laser force fields off to get close to the wall and rack up a bunch of style points along the way. 

The versus mode allows up to 4 players to go head-to-head playing specially designed ‘challenge’ levels. Players start with five coins each and can steal coins from other losing players at the end of the stage thus resulting in a knockout scenario.

Pitch N Toss was featured on the front page of the US App Store and was featured in the New & Noteworthy section of 98 Counties.

Get your copy from the App Store today bit.ly/8Xy9sN

Join our Facebook page and see exclusive content from the game on.fb.me/cEjgL4

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Client: Garden of Life
Event: iPhone App
Idea: Mobile Engagement

Garden of Life invites players to cultivate a floating island in space into a beautiful garden.

Your role in the game is to improve the wellness of the island, harvest the ‘spirit of the seeds’ and unlock magical new seeds along the way.

You’re not alone on the island though. A wise old tree named ‘Yuko’ is there with you and keen for you to bring your garden to life! Yuko will reward your green fingers by unlocking intriguing new seeds and helping you along the way.

The game was nurtured into fruition by the teams at Darling Dash Ltd & Fluid Pixel Ltd with agile project managment by Codeworks DEV

Download the game for free http://bit.ly/h8NhJf

Visit the site www.gardenoflifegame.com 

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Client: Forfusion
Event: Design & Branding
Idea: Brand Identity

Darling Dash re-branded Forfusion's core visual identity to be used across International comms and internal marketing.

To celebrate their recent move to the region from London, Forfusion tasked Darling Dash with delivering a fresh, professional and contemporary identity. The design was developed to represent the fusion within the company and the business' creative approach to solving technical challenges.

The new brand was applied to a full stationary range along with company documentation and will feature online in early 2012. 

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Client: Soleheaven
Event: QR Codes / Sneaker Installation
Idea: Street Art / Digital Engagement

Darling Dash created, developed and produced the Trainer Angel campaign. 

Core-classic trainers, a passion for heights and a mysterious angelic street art design featuring a QR Code appear to be the work of a sneaker obsessed character known only as the ‘Trainer Angel’.

City skate parks and popular bars on the arts and music scene appear to have been visited overnight by the Trainer Angel. The installations are numbered and each location has a shoe positioned in impossible high up locations as a physical signature. The sneakers that have so far been spotted range from Nike Air Max, Supra, Asics and ltd edition Vans.

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone and you’re taken through to the home of the Trainer Angel where you can view exclusive images and connect with the Trainer Angel directly using social media.

Newcastle upon Tyne continues to establish itself as a creative and leading cultural city with a hive of creative commerce and business bringing a different kind of spotlight on the famous Geordie shores.

Dale Parr, of Soleheaven says: “We worked last year on an exhibition with 20 artists including Dan Baldwin, INSA and Mr Jago in an exhibition in Shoreditch. Called Kicks N Canvas. I wanted to do something this year that was a little closer to home and directly related to the business.’

Parr continues “We wanted to express the SoleHeaven brand outside of the shop and the website. We are literally taking our brand and our product to the streets, with the help of the Trainer Angel of course.”

Tim Allison of Darling Dash re-iterates “The concept will drive engagement and reward loyalty on social media with access to exclusive deals and content delivered by SoleHeaven. You have to connect with people intelligently and creatively and give them a reason to be interested in your business.”

The Trainer Angel was unavailable for comment.

Visit www.trainerangel.com

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Client: British Handball
Event: Promo / Branding / Web
Idea: Partner a Dream

 'Partner a Dream' is a creative marketing campaign for the British Handball Team.

Featuring the GB Men's Capt, Ciaran Williams, the video focuses on a passionate call to arms sliced with dream like action sequences. The original branding is designed to compliment the existing logo developed by Saatchi & Saatchi and present the commercial properties on a new, exciting platform going forward to the 2012 Olympics in London.

The site is designed to deliver easily accessible, relevant information relating to the international fan base and existing sponsors of the game.

As an Olympic sport, London 2012 will provide Handball in the UK the platform it needs to connect to a wider audience. The purpose-built Handball arena will hopefully see the GB team reach the quarter-finals and, with the home advantage, possibly go further.

The game is just the beginning.

Check out the site we built www.partneradream.com 




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Client: Dawson & Sanderson Foreign Exchange
Event: The Summer500 / Social Media Campaign
Idea: Twitter Treasure Hunt

The Summer500 is a treasure hunt in the North East of England using Twitter to plant the clues.

Throughout July we hid 4 x €500 in locations in Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, Teesside and Whitley Bay on a weekly basis. Every day @thesummer500 Twitter feed gave clues pointing to the whereabouts of the treasure capsules containing a winners certificate worth €500.

Winners could then go and exchange their prize at their nearest Dawson & Sanderson Travel Exchange.

Facebook was used alongside the website and Twitter page to publish photos & videos of the winners.

Over the course of the campaign we had 260 followers take part in the treasure hunt and reached over 10,000 people on Twitter. The campaign was featured in the Science & Technology section of the Journal newspaper within the first week and went on to be featured in other regional press.

The Summer500 is a unique social media integrated campaign.


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Client: Institute of Digital Innovation / Teesside
Event: Thinking Digital 2010 / #tdc10
Idea: Promo / Viral / Mash-up / Collab

A Different Age
Words by Tom Lines

Remember now a different age,
The internet's own youthful days,
Of half an hour to load a page,
And email once a week.

Then bandwidth came in kilobytes,
And bookmarks ran to twenty sites,
When no one cared about their rights,
To online privacy.

Bubbles came and bubbles popped,
Suffers surfed (but mainly shopped),
The Internet could not be stopped,
A global wonderland.

Google helped us searchers vastly,
YouTube brought the great and ghastly,
They even disinterred Rick Astley,
Well nothing's perfect, eh?

The web spawned it’s own private lingo,
Anyone for online bingo?
Java, browser, blog – by jingo!
Portal, hashtag, podcast – MOUSE!

So much to learn, so much to know
What makes e-business fade or grow?
Does anyone still go on Bebo?
Don’t all shout at once.

To keep you on your cyber toes,
Make sure your knowledge grows and grows
That’s why the smartest online pros,
Are thinking digital.

View Video


Wednesday 25th Sep

We're pleased to announce details of our new venture 'Fourpio'. 

Four people. One team. A publishing and reading platform designed for teams of 4 people to compose, curate and encourage opinion.

We are launching Fourpio on the 5th November to a limited number of teams and people.

At the moment we would ask you to sign up and register your email address so we can invite you to the community. Following on from that we will open up the platform so you can create your Fourpio team, start writing, discovering and connecting with opinion on the platform.

Considering the nature of Fourpio and our focus on the importance of small teams, we have decided to launch to the startup community at the beginning. Having been involved in startups previously, we're confident in the value and quality of opinion this decision will create.


Thursday 4th Oct

 The best part of this year has been working on delivering our app 'Cupple' to the masses. The journey so far has taken us as far a field as Texas to showcase Cupple at SXSW and feedback has been great from our users. We're contunuing our work on the Cupple platform and will keep you updated with developments. You can read a bit more about what's been going on in the blog at Cupple.tumblr.com


Tuesday 6th Mar

Cupple, the private sharing mobile app designed specifically for two people in a relationship launched in November 2011 and today launches the new V2 ahead of its attendance at the upcoming SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas.

“We’ve come a long way since last year and we haven’t really stopped developing the product at any point. Cupple v2 is a product directly responsive to the feedback and opinions from our 10,000+ users.” Says Tim Allison, Co Founder.

“February was a pivotal month for us in many ways. Apple featured Cupple in a new ‘Date Night’ section of the U.S. App Store and Gizmodo voted it App of the Day on Valentines Day. The exposure was tangible and sign ups increased by up to 500% on particular days. The US is now where the majority of our customers are. Followed closely by the UK and the Netherlands.”

“2012 has already seen a rise in apps focusing on privacy and sharing more intimately. Cupple was right at the start of the movement last year and we’ve got a solid blueprint to evolve. The first version had flaws the customers made us aware of and we knew we wanted to keep pushing the product to higher ground.”

“Cupple v2 maintains the core of the feature set, we’ve just worked hard to make improvements in and around the sharing experience and signing up. If the first version was a little too much like a storage space for personal memories, the new version is built around the concept of a ‘memory board’.

The emphasis of the UI is focused on the two people using the service and we’ve incorporated ‘Stickers’ for people to add context to why they are sharing. Not only do the stickers add fun and playfulness but also it’s a move into In App Purchases and monetization.

“We’re a small Start Up and we’ve worked hard to deliver a quality service people can use and trust. It’s important from a business perspective we understand revenue streams sooner rather than later. I don’t want to sit back and say we’ll work out how to make money when we hit 1m users.”

“ We don’t want to charge for the Cupple App nor did we want to sell a meaningless currency. We think people will really enjoy the new features in v2 and enjoy sharing the stickers with each other.”

“The plan is to keep working hard and focus on making Cupple the best private sharing platform in the World”.

Cupple App will be at the SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas from the 9th to the 13th March. The new version is now LIVE. Download the Cupple App at www.cuppple.mobi 

Read more about the Cupple App at cupple.tumblr.com 


Monday 28th Nov

We launched Cupple on the 8th Novemeber. The weeks building up to the launch were obviously pretty hectic as we managed everything from user feedback, PR Strategy, marketing and all the other treats that crop up when you're close to a deadline. The first few weeks have been really positive. The PR has been phased and gradual and we've had some nice coverage from the US and in Europe. The Netherlands currently leads the way as the place with people using Cupple the most, followed by the US and the UK. We have loads of stuff planned in development and we're working on the new version to keep the App updated. Looking at a new version before Xmas and then early in 2012. The jouney has really just begun. 


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